Bounce to Simon SMTHNG’s New Single “iwasjoking”

Last week I was shouting out the homie Simon SMTHNG on hipping me to some ill new music from his friend, and now he’s got some new music of his own to share with the world. So let’s get into it.

SMTHNG’s “iwasjoking” is another winning collaboration with the folks at Raund Haus, the Durham, N.C.-based crew holding it down for area producers and beatmakers. It’s also one of the best joints I’ve heard from the Charlotte, N.C. producer, which is saying a lot because I really dig quite a bit of his music.

But here’s the deal: he’s venturing into some newer territory on this joint, and it’s giving me all the best, brightest, most bouncy vibes I could ever want. I hope dude decides to put out an entire record like this, but that’s just me putting pressure on him in a public setting.

Peep “iwasjoking” below and on your preferred streaming service. Buy it here.

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