Boss Kite – Comicon [EP]

Boss Kite – Comicon [EP]

Brighton, England-based synth-funk eccentric Boss Kite dropped a free (via Bandcamp) EP on Donky Pitch this week. Titled Comicon, it’s a fun little release featuring four tracks of suave yet sweaty mid-tempo jams, heavily influenced by Scandinavian ‘Skwee’ (which has got to be the most fun genre name in the entire universe of meticulously, nerdily over-classified electronic music) and vaguely reminiscient of Elliot Lipp’s early analog-synth based cocaine-velvet-sex jams.

Purported to be the ‘Rick James of Brighton,’ there’s a healthy awkwardness to these jams, not necessarily full-on irony but they are self-conscious enough not to fall under the umbrella of “you can’t be serious.” Comicon is definitely serious. Strangely infectious last track “Fruit Smoothie”, a collaboration with Canadian jack-of-all-trades Motem (and it’s oddly enjoyable video) adds a dash of shy, post-Motown ‘stage fright soul’ to all that slick funk.

Hit the skip to stream and download the EP. You’ll also find the “Fruit Smoothie” visuals there.Download: Boss Kite – Comicon [Bandcamp]

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