Bonnaroo 2014: 10 Things We’ll Never Forget

Bonnaroo 2014: 10 Things We’ll Never Forget


Every June for the past thirteen years, thousands of people have traveled great distances to Manchester, Tennessee to experience the magic that is Bonnaroo. A mecca for lovers of art and music, the festival is renowned for its diverse lineups, impressive surprises, and of course, the damn good food. When the gates open up late wednesday evening, mile long lines of vehicles begin to grow as thousands of bonnaroovians arrive, anticipating the festivities that will begin the next day. This year, Bonnaroo attendance reached a total of nearly 90,000 people. With all of those people living together on one 700-acre farm for four days, memories are bound to be made. No one leaves Bonnaroo without a story to share, so here is ours, our ten most memorable moments from Bonnaroo 2014.

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