Bob Marley’s Live Forever Album Exclusively on MOG

Bob Marley’s Live Forever Album Exclusively on MOG

Since Potholes In My Blog is a member of the highly coveted MOG Music Network, we get the opportunity to shed light on some incredible bits of music every now and then. Today’s piece is in celebration of the life of Bob Marley, and his last recorded live concert. The concert was recorded over 30 years ago during Marley’s promotion of Uprising, but only now is it officially being released as the Live Forever album. The official release of the album is February 1, but if you head over to MOG and subscribe for a 7-day free trial (no credit card necessary), you can listen to the entire thing for free. Now that sounds like a good deal to me!

Hit the skip for a direct link to the Live Forever album.

Stream: Bob Marley – Live Forever

“Bob’s music has always conveyed a message of hope, unity and love. It has brought countless people together as it did that night 30 years ago in Pittsburgh. To hear that music today and to be able to share it with a new generation shows that Bob is as relevant today as he was 30 years ago,” says Rita Marley.

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