Blue Sky Black Death – “In The Quiet Absence Of God”

Blue Sky Black Death have grown to be one of my favorite production duos of the past decade. Their atmospheric, layered music has the ability to draw out so many different emotions. At times, it’s comforting and soothing. Other times, it’s downright haunting. And from the sound of their latest single, “In the Quiet Absence of God”, the Seattle-based duo has some more cinematic tunes in store for us. The track, which is outfitted here with some perfectly hazy visuals, appears on their forthcoming album, Noir, which is out April 26 on Fake Four Inc.

Hit the skip for the visuals for “In the Quiet Absence of God”.

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  1. Plantedtao|

    why does this song end so abruptly???
    it pisses me off so much I had to delete it from the album. Can’t believe two talented producers would leave a song like that. Blows my mind.

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