Blu To Release ‘NoYork!’ On CD And Vinyl

Blu To Release ‘NoYork!’ On CD And Vinyl

noyork-packaging-1Look what we have here. While Blu’s original major label debut was a complete flop, it looks like he is revamping the release and putting it out on Nature Sounds. While past physical Blu releases have been a bit makeshift, it looks like he is pulling out all the stops for NoYork!. Of course, you can get the release on CD, but it also looks like you will be able to cop NoYork! in a 4-LP deluxe vinyl, which looks pretty damn snazzy in the picture above. The vinyl will also include three bonus tracks with production from the likes of Samiyam and Madlib.

This is definitely the turnaround we have been looking for from Blu. Now let’s just hope we can get some new tunes in 2013, too. You can pre-order the vinyl here.

1. Doin Nothin (ft. U-God) (prod. Flying Lotus)
2. Everything’s OK (ft. Jack Davey) (prod. Flying Lotus)
3. Everybody Nose (ft. Sa Ra & Nola Darling) (prod. Samiyam)
4. Above Crenshaw (ft. Cashus King)
5. SLNGBNGrs (prod. Dibia$e)
6. Soupa (ft. Suzi Analogue) (prod. Samiyam)
7. Hours (prod. by Daedelus)
8. Annie Hall (ft. Chop, Brooker T, & Tiombe Lockhart) (prod. by Daedelus)
9. Tags (ft. Exile) (prod. Exile)
10. Spring Winter Summer Fall (ft. Jimetta Rose) (prod. Shafiq Husayn)
11. Down To Earth (prod. Shafiq Husayn)
12. My Sunshine (ft. Nia Andrews) (prod. Shafiq Husayn)
13. Jazmine (ft. Andy Allo) (prod. Samiyam) (Vinyl-Only Bonus)
14. Jazzmen (prod. Madlib) (Vinyl-Only Bonus)
15. Ronald Morgan (ft. Edan) (prod. Madlib) (Vinyl-Only Bonus)
16. Keep Pushinn (prod. Knxwledge)
17. Doin Somethin (ft. Pac Div, UNI, J*Davey, Tiron, & Ayomari) (prod. Flying Lotus)


  1. mtume
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 00:14:00

    this looks ill…no york is a pretty great album actually if but it’s one a those you gotta listen to the whole way through

    i dont get why everyone says blu fell off lyrically he’s still one of the most poetical out there n at least he stays realeasing mad shit n didnt run away to some hut in nepal – he just likes weird/arty beats

    i think hes still broke as fuck tho…i heard somewhere he’s on that heroin

    Jan 28, 2013 @ 18:58:00

    I appreciate the album for what it was. Not an easy listen, but once you get into it you really get a sense of what Blu was trying to accomplish. NoYork….an embodiment of the new LA (or West Coast) music movement.

    Those 3 vinyl-only bonus tracks were regular tracks on the original CD release though. Would’ve been better if he threw in some new tracks imho. That’s just forcing people to buy the vinyl for the “complete package” (ain’t gonna lie though, the packaging and poster are “secksy”)

  3. Thomas_76
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 18:40:00

    So….he’s selling the same album twice? http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/blu-noyork-y-cover-4-different-covers/NWC003YCD/

    Double dipping if you ask me…which seems to be his M.O.. To me it seems to be getting hard to support this dude. My 2 cents.

  4. not.mario
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 17:11:00

    i completely understand, but look on the bright side

    happiness is
    cross trainers w, kendrick, pac div
    alone prod. l’orange
    everyday is xmas

    in the end, his limbo is his limbo

  5. Đ℞ΞV/
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 14:48:00

    I just can’t get excited about Blu no more. I feel like the dude has been in limbo since 2010.

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