Blu – ‘Soul Amazing (Part Three)’ (Mixed by DJ Low Key)


The man, the myth, the legend. Clap for him. Blu, Los Angeles hip-hop artist and underground superhero, has released the third installment of his soul amazing full-length series courtesy of DJ Low Key. DJ Low Key has compiled thirty-nine tracks of immaculate raps and soulful productions by Blu which make for a rather high-quality album – a notion simultaneously unsurprising (due to Blu’s stature) yet unexpected (who do you know dropping thirty-nine-track gems?). Undoubtedly a people’s favorite, Blu brings some talented pals along for the ride: Sene, Knxwledge, Evidence, Slum Village, Kendrick Lamar, L’Orange and more add plenty of complementary voices to the mix. [via]

Stream soul amazing (part three) below. Support independent artists and purchase the album here.

3 thoughts on “Blu – ‘Soul Amazing (Part Three)’ (Mixed by DJ Low Key)

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  1. yea these just a bunch of old loosies…dope tho blu’s still the illest

  2. not.mario|

    i bought it for the sake of support, and because a lot of the tracks deserve some recognition.

    HOWEVER, you can find a lot of the individual songs in other projects with a little bit of searching

    I like it because it cuts straight to his bars though

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