Blu Reveals Tour Dates with TiRon and Ayomari

blu-glassesIt might only be a handful of dates, but we’re pretty excited to see that Blu is hitting the road with ridiculously underrated duo TiRon and Ayomari. The trio of Cali.-based MCs are taking to a pair of spots on the East Coast before wrapping things up out West. If you are anywhere near these locations, I highly recommend checking these shows out. I’ve heard that Blu’s shows have been great lately and the same goes for his guests, T&A.

Peep the dates below.

Tour dates:

04/10 New York City, NY: Public Assembly
04/13 Virginia Beach, VA: The Jewish Mother
04/17 Seattle, WA: Neumos
04/20 Fresno, CA: Fulton 55
04/21 Los Angeles, CA: The Roxy

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  1. What do you mean “final 6 months in the game”? Blu is retiring?

  2. ChillinLikeAVillain|

    *have, *say

  3. ChillinLikeAVillain|

    With all due respect, that’s in the past. Let’s focus on the positive. If he is giving good shows as of late then let’s keep the vibes positive. Blu is in his final 6 months in the game, let him go out with respect. He put out classics with no intentions of going mainstream, dude is the same dude from 10yrs ago in terms of beliefs and financials. People say, “if you don’t anything nice to say, then don’t anything at all.”

  4. Jake Greene|

    Did he stop sleeping on the mic stand while performing?

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