Blu – “Down To Earth” F. Deez (Hezekiah Remix)

As Blu continues to bewilder us all, he drops off yet another unexpected single. Teaming up with Deez on vocals and Hezekiah on production, “Down To Earth” sounds like it could have landed on NoYork!. Except it is more accessible and features a much hungrier Blu on vocals than we have heard recently. Is there anything beating Mr. Barnes when he is on? Hopefully this means the Los Angeles MC is finally starting to get his footing back. No idea where this track will eventually land, if anywhere, but Blu and Exile do have the official release of Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them on the horizon.

Update: This track is actually a remix of a NoYork! joint, which was found on one of those previously released wacky remix EPs. Sorry, folks!

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  1. checopri|

    This is a remix to the Down To Earth song already on NoYork, the original’s much better IMO.

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