Blood On The Canvas: An Interview With Thurz

Thurz is a familiar face in the West Coast scene. Part of the New West that was set off by Blu and after making some noise and a couple great records with the now defunct duo U-N-I, Thurz transformed himself and the message in his lyrics to a more serious tone. With the release of his solo debut, LA Riot (based on the riots that took place in Los Angeles in 1992), Thurz has received a positive reaction for his smooth brash, in-your-face to smoothed out sounds on the record.

We caught up with Thurz’ at Toronto’s Remix project while he was in the city for Caribana and to play a couple shows. Watch as the Inglewood-bred emcee talks about his transition from U-N-I, the L.A. Riot record, the research he did for that album, and a new record he’s working on titled Blood On The Canvas.

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