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Here at Potholes, we love to hear feedback from each and every one of our readers. With that said, we are going to take this time to bring to your attention a recent shift in philosophy. Before I get into that, I would like to assure you that all of the conclusions made here have been thought over long and hard, and we would still like to hear what you think! All of your comments, suggestions, compliments and hatred will be taken into consideration as we move along into the future.

Many of you may have already noticed, but clearly there has been a shift in the types of music that we have been covering on the site over the past few months. There are a number of reasons why that has been happening, and hopefully you will be able to understand where this is coming from. For one, I would like to address the fact that hip-hop is, and always will be a true love of ours. Since that is true, you can expect to see continued coverage of the genre that has taken us to where we are today.

Times change, tastes change, and Potholes is a prime example of that. Recently, we, the writers, have found that our tastes have been evolving. Instead of holding that in, we figured we would start sharing that with you guys. Personally, I have been exploring the world of indie rock and electronic music for many years now, and I would love to open up to you all the daily findings I uncover while exploring it. Since we have such an awesome outlet with one of the best readerships on the internet, I figured this would be a great place to start.

But this is a hip-hop blog, isn’t it? I mean, after all, Potholes In My Blog is in reference to the classic De La Soul song, right? While the title of the blog is in reference to “Potholes In My Lawn”, nowhere on the site does it suggest that we are solely a hip-hop blog. We are a blog that provides coverage of quality music, plain and simple. Speaking of De La Soul, one thing that made them so great was that they appealed to such a wide audience. Prince Paul was known for sampling just about every genre of music and fans were able to embrace that!

Not to mention, many of the leading artists in hip-hop have turned to other genres to further their sound lately. Exhibit A- Foreign Exchange. Initially a rap group, we now see them releasing projects in completely different areas. Leave It All Behind was a soul and R&B album first and foremost. Nicolay’s latest City Lights project was heavily electronic influenced, with little to no hip-hop influence at all. Exhibit B- The Roots. Collaborating not only with Blu and Phonte on their upcoming How I Got Over, but also artists like Joanna Newsom and Monsters of Folk. There are no longer any boundaries in music, so why should we hold ourselves to any?

I know this is a lot to digest, but I felt like we needed to answer some questions that many of you have brought to our attention. Potholes In My Blog has become a part of my life, and I hope that we can continue to keep it a part of yours as well. Again, we truly encourage you all to speak your mind on this issue, as well as any of the other blog posts that you feel inspired to comment on. This is your site as much as it is ours!

Thanks guys!


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  1. D. $cience|

    Oh, and BTW…Crystal Castles latest album is so far one of THEE dopest albums on the planet right now.

  2. D. $cience|

    I ain’t gonna lie…

    At first, when I seen the changes of the layout and posts of Crystal Castles music, I was slightly upset. Only slightly…I felt like Potholes In My Blog catered to my undiscovered underground needs for hip hop, for I’ve discovered some dope music on here that I didn’t find on 2DopeBoyz or KevinNottingham (No disrespect to those blogs, I still check them daily). I still think the rating system on this site is very good and non-bias, keeping it 100, and I agree 98% of the time with it.

    Tell you the truth though, I kinda feel the direction that this blog is heading off to. Just like I constantly look for undiscovered but super ill underground hip hop, I check for undiscovered, super ill indie rock and electronica as well. I know a lot of heads who listen to new indie rock and electronica now because they feel like the current state of hip hop is stagnant and isn’t really going nowhere. So far, the new PHIMB is posting great music from all different genres, so I say keep going in this direction, and maybe it’ll last with the same quality as long as you keep the posts balanced with fresh, innovative music. Not just hip hop, but MUSIC.

  3. I believe Potholes in my Blog does represent Hip-Hop very well, as many so called Hip Hop artists are flirting with other genres aswell. Furthermore, i believe that the concept of genre might be a bit outdated in this age of fluidity and creolization.

    Anyhow, i hope you stay critical and keep bringing that good music, thanks for all goodness you’ve shared with us thusfar!

  4. I have read Potholes from the beginning because I read Andrew Martin’s hip-hop posts on a forum (he knows me as headpiece747 there) and our music taste was similar. This website has put me on tons of music. I listen and have about 80-90% of my music Hip-Hop but the 10-20% of random stuff from all genres with too many to list. I don’t have to agree with every post you put up (Zach Cole I’m looking at you) but I can respect that you are putting your heart into this. My point is it is your website and if you write about what you like then it makes it easier to put out great content.

  5. EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING – and there is only 2 kinds of music…Great or Not…you should not worry.
    So i am go listen to some JB’s

  6. realitycheck|

    your taste might evolve ,
    but you guys are gonna lose an audience, and gain new ones.
    depends on your prefence.
    i’m all for change.
    jst keep the hip-hop flowwin.

  7. David, I quite like this move… Broaden your/our horizon and introduce us to new artists from different genres… Hip Hop (Underground, that is) will always be my first love but good music is good music… By the way, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known about Andreya Triana and she is talented…

  8. More power to you guys. I must say I’m glad you guys choose to showcase other genres of music. There are plenty of non hip-hop artists that I enjoy so, I can appreciate the fact that you choose to share what you’re listening to with us. We may just dig it…

  9. The music on this blog has always represented what we’re listening to and that’s not going to change. We love hip-hop but there’s so much other great music happening in the world. So If we’re bumpin’ some Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Erykah Badu or Havana Club project by Gilles Peterson then you’ll see that on our blog.

    We’d rather share great music irrespective of genre than mediocre music to fulfill some hip-hop quota. With that said, we’ll continue to feature hip-hop on this blog so you guys have nothing to worry about.

  10. Zach Cole|

    I’m with Fred. I really appreciate a variety of music, and I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of learning to do about bands outside the black-oriented music as afan pointed out. It’ll be a fun ride regardless of what happens, and in the end good music is good music. I hope people truly see that that is what this is really all about. Hip-Hop won’t die out, so don’t worry.

    P.S. I loved that someone above mentioned Moe Pope. Hell yeah!

  11. Fred Castano|

    That’s gangsta, I like this movement. While I don’t know much about indie rock nor electronic music, I think this a great opportunity for our readers and our staff to expand their horizons. Hip-hop is still my bread and butter, as I suspect it is for many of our readers, so we can learn together.

    For my skeptics, we’re not asking you to hand in your baggy jeans for skinny ones. I still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease. There’s still a lot of potentially hot hip-hop albums coming this summer and fall. I’m excited for the future.

  12. Hip hop built the foundation of my music appreciation and I would love for you to continue with great hip hop music. It is unfortunate that a lot of commercial rap music is seen as hip hop, however I trust that you guys can draw a distinction between the two and post only the good stuff. Additionally, I also enjoy trance music so if you would like to throw some of that around it would be much appreciated as well.

  13. im with that. hiphop pretty much sucks now except for a small handful of artists, and besides that, im turned off to the fact that the main hiphop blogs simply post the same exact songs everyday or week. if you stripped the formatting and headers, you couldnt tell most blogs apart. i appreciate you covering music you feel is worthy, regardless of genre, and not simply what the other guys post. KN makes a good point, so itll be interesting to see how it goes. good luck. do what you feel is right for you.

  14. i dont come on here as much as i used to because of the lack of Hip Hop. When i say hip hop i mean black oriented music. eg Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, New Soul and Blues but its your site do your thing my man.



  15. First time coming to the blog, thanks to Twitter. I’m interested in more than hiphop, look forward to reading about & listening to new music that is good. Peace.

  16. I support that whole list of bands. Well, I don’t know about We Are Scientists, but everyone else in my iPod/band tee collection.

  17. David, as long as you keep writing words that I believe are authentic, it doesn’t matter what music you cover. I will check stuff out and react to it how I do. I just want you guys to keep up this great website. However, if you ever bomb on Underoath, Alexisonfire, Saosin, Brand New, Thrice, or other bands that I love, I will be forced to cut your throat. I say that jokingly of course.

    Andrew, seriously…listen to the new We Are Scientists already.

  18. Craig Jenkins|

    ::Cues Diana Ross “I’m Comin’ Out”

  19. David Reyneke|

    This might not seem like that big of a deal to you guys, but for me it feels like I am finally able to step out of the musical closet here. I’ve been holding in my urge to post music outside of hip-hop all this time, it feels great to see that most of you are able to accept that! Let’s continue to spread the good music, shall we?

  20. Thanks everyone for your comments! I have a ton of people to respond to in this post, but why not start with the skepticism first.

    Fur Coat,
    I actually understand and agree with many of the points you have made. I also think you may be missing the point of our true motivation, though. Yes, Hype Machine traffic has been lovely, but we don’t post songs for that reason. We are not posting what is considered “cool” just for hits. We have been, and always will be posting music that we enjoy, plain and simple.

    We are not going pop, or “crystal clear pepsi” as you mentioned. Let’s take for example my post on Pears. Have you ever in your life heard of the artist Pears? I haven’t either. How is that pop? That is just one example, and you are going to continue to see us post artists that no one has heard of. We post it because it’s quality, fresh music, not because it is going to get us hits. We want people to embrace these artists.

    We are most definitely not abandoning our old readership and fanbase. We will also post fresh independent artists in hip-hop, no matter what type of hype they have surrounding them. In the near future you will see interviews from Shad and Homeboy Sandman just to name a few. We are simply going to be bringing music from other genres into the mix that still represent positive, high quality values, which we have promoted all along in hip-hop.

    Yes, I agree, if we were going to build our entire blog off of Hype Machine hits, then it would basically be pointless to have a blog. I don’t think you understand how much we value our fanbase. Unlike some blogs, I am actually going to interact and talk with the readers in the comments section and on twitter. I’m not on some ego trip, I like to share music, that is why I started the blog. I feel like if the readers trust us enough to come check out the blog every day, then they will trust a shift in our taste.

    Part of the reason why Potholes has been such a positive experience for me and all the readers is because it’s not just a site that posts music, it’s a community. I have met some of my best friends through running this site. I don’t want that to change, and you can expect nothing less than great music day in and day out as well as enjoyable social experience.

    Thanks again for your support Fur Coat, as well as everyone else!

  21. It’s your site, do what you want. You may bring in a whole new audience to the site because of it. As long as yall still give a steady amount of love to hip hop, I’ll still be visiting on the regular. Good luck.

  22. $1.99 Fur Coat|

    You suddenly observe, “There are no longer any boundaries in music, so why should we hold ourselves to any?” This isn’t about (as one responder said) the readers inability to get out of their box.

    The obvious here is there were never real boundaries in music, but to answer your question why should you hold yourself to any constraints is to say, you started the blog with the premise of covering a certain genre (it’s fairly obvious) and that’s what people come here for. Certainly hip hop isn’t (pop)ular like it use to be, but now you’re going crystal clear pepsi because it seems like the obvious thing to do since it seems no one is into cola anymore… hell, you’re not into cola anymore. And I’m sure the hypem traffic is better when you’re posting crystal clear pepsi… so lets get on with the hot new shit.

    It’s all good when each months traffic is double last month. but those visitors are only here for that one or two free songs. They probably wont be back, and now you’re just chasing traffic. So instead of having a fan base of people who are interested in whats new in hip hop, you’re going to have to try and develop one that is really into your personal taste in music. Lets be realistic though, one of those can be really hard on the personal ego. It might blow up, but it might go pop. Then you’ll be grabbing whats cool just to do a little product placement… and put it out “one-size fits all”. Speaking of that, there are many many more blogs covering Flying Lotus than Declaime… but feel free to join the club.

    Truth is, I support whatever personal artistic endeavor you embark on. Just be honest and understand the consequences. I don’t even know what those consequences are for you… a little internet fame? After all, there are millions of music blogs… whats the difference if one little guy changes up its tune?

  23. The Aqua League|

    I know this may seem like a deep breath, but hip-hop is a genre influenced by other genres. So with that said as long as you guys keep bringing us good music to digest it should be a good move all around.

  24. Steve Shon|

    I think that the fans of this site will appreciate and respect other forms of music. I’ve been the same way as well. I will always love hip hop but I appreciate good music.

  25. Thanks, mang! I’ll respond to this as a former WAS fan: I haven’t heard the new LP yet, but I’ve read it sounds a lot like With Love & Squalor. That true?

  26. I like this move. You guys are good writers and informed on many different genres, so let your readers thus be informed or embrace their inability to get outside of their specific box. So whatchall think about the new We Are Scientists?

  27. Hey David,

    I appreciate you responding to my concerns about your changes in potholes’ direction. I love all kinds of music (Indie, Reggae, ska, pshychobilly, punk, classic rock, oldies, doo-wop, jazz, etc.) and it isn’t that I do not enjoy the music that is being posted lately, because it IS good music and should be embraced (your SUMMER MIX FOR YOU was ill!). It’s just that it IS a change in direction from what the potholes writers have done in the past. BIG TIME. From my count, only about 4 of the last 13 posts (not including album reviews) have been HIP-HOP oriented. That number alone shows you why I commented on the PEARS post that sparked this Potholes announcement. I love potholes, and whenever you see something you love change, it bothers you. I am all for being open-minded about music because there is so much good music out there that isn’t HIP-HOP, it SHOULD be put to everyone’s attention. I just believe that even though, admittedly, you do not have a “This is a HIP-HOP only site” title anywhere, the point I made of your blog title still stands. This is (was) primarily a HIP-HOP blog. Also, if i’m not mistaken, isn’t the “Penthouse, Pavement, and Curb” line from a Mos song, Auditorium? So am I still to believe that this isn’t a HIP-HOP blog? If not, the title and subtitle are misleading.

    Thank you David and all other writers for such great reporting and putting me on to some of my favorite music. I know that even though Potholes recognizes me, it will still continue in the direction it is going. I just wanted to give my opinion on the matter.


  29. Whether this is the right or wrong direction for Potholes entirely depends on your motivation for writing the blog.

    Do you want it to be a reflection of your tastes in the hope that people are with you? In which case you’ll be interesting but marginal.
    Or a reflection of what you think other people expect from you, as Kevin suggests.

    The only definition of selling out that means shit is not putting your heart into it.
    As long as you keep introducing artists like Moe Pope and Andreya Triana then I’m in.

  30. Craig Jenkins|

    Sheesh. Ska?

    Real talk, though, long as we have good music in our sights, we shouldn’t have much to worry about. Haters gon hate.

  31. *dead* at the above.

  32. Reyneke told me his dream is to cover all things ska.

    Skank on.

  33. good music is good music. period. i appreciate your wide range of tastes while still having a finger on the pulse of all that is hip hop. best of luck with the continued output…wise move as hip hop gets more and more watered down.

  34. Craig Jenkins|

    Preach, brotha!

  35. Good luck with this. We tried something similar on over a year ago when a few of our writers wanted to write on other genres. We dropped the “This Is Hip Hop” in our blog title and strictly kept it It didn’t turn out so well.

    One thing I learned from that is that your blog is only as big as your audience, so you must cater to them. If you have an audience of hip-hoppers, you’re posts on other genres are not going to get much attention. No one wants to write articles that no one is reading. In the end, we ended up going back to our roots and dealing with strictly hip hop (with the exception of Soulful Sundays).

    Good luck though!

  36. Hell, if you notice or listen to our radio show, Dart & I have both been leaning to the Paul White’s, AFTA 1’s and Flying Lotus’ of the world. I mean, half of my IPod is electronica, big beat, etc. Do you man, do you..that’s all that matters

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