Listen to Blockhead’s New Song “Kaput!” Off His Completely Independent Next Album

blockhead-live-hatFor the past decade or so, New York producer Blockhead has called one of electronic music’s best labels, the London-based Ninja Tune, his home. But moving forward, it looks as if he’s going completely independent. In an open letter written on his (fantastic) Phat Friend website, the producer revealed that Ninja Tune passed on his next full-length not because of its quality or anything like that but rather what it contains: a shit-load of samples. He wrote that he understands that it can be difficult to make a profit off artists like himself in this business because it’s not easy licensing sample-heavy songs for commercials, TV shows, and movies. And it turns out that he kept running into the same response from other labels he shopped the album to, though they also said they enjoyed the music.

With all that in front of him, Blockhead decided to just go completely independent and do it on his own. It’s not something he necessarily wants to do or is eager to do, but it’s something he has to do to get his music out there. In fact, he wrote that he “could blow smoke up your ass right here and give a manifesto on why I’m so happy to be self releasing this album but I’ll save that bullshit for people work in the press.” LOL, fair enough, but I think most press folks will understand that this isn’t Blockhead’s “ideal situation” after reading that letter, even if he admitted he likes having 100 percent control over everything. Who wouldn’t?

In addition to this manifesto of sorts, Blockhead shared the first single off his upcoming and not-yet-titled album. It’s a track called “Kaput!,” which he shared after polling his Twitter followers and asking if they wanted “feel good shit” or “something more depressing.” It turns out that they were looking for the latter, which is you’re now checking out a dark, borderline-somber track from one of the best producers out there.

Stream “Kaput!” below.

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