Black Milk – “How Dare You”

It’s kind of difficult for me to not get slightly frustrated here, but it’s really my fault if I get annoyed anyway. We’re all so spoiled these days that I expected the latest track from Black Milk to be a leak from his upcoming Album of the Year. But instead, it’s another hold-over cut. My pity-party whining aside, “How Dare You” is just what you’d expect from this Detroit rapper-producer: Neck-breaking production and in-the-pocket rhyming. Nothing terribly flashy here but certainly well worth more than a handful of spins. Someone should really put together an EP of all the tracks he’s leaked since Tronic

Hit the skip to download “How Dare You” or stream it below.

[audio:|titles=Black Milk – How Dare You]

Download: Black Milk – “How Dare You”

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  1. I’m not mad at his way of letting these tracks fly. He’s advertising them as “didn’t make the album” and he didn’t throw em on a mixtape – which would only make fans look at that as a weak prelude to his album. I can see why this one didn’t make it, the leak before this one was doper to me. And I agree with Emay, the beat at the end is interesting.

  2. This song is awesome, but I dug the beat in the outro even more. He better use that shit. haha.

  3. Yeah, I know, but I’d like something put together officially with extra tracks. Just bein’ greedy.

  4. All of the loose tracks are on his bandcamp page.

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