Listen: Black EL Connects With Michael Christmas On “Do Not Disturb” Prod. By Durkin

black-el-do-not-disturbSeeing how we’re big fans of all the guys involved here, I went into Black EL‘s new collaboration with Michael Christmas, “Do Not Disturb,” with high hopes. Those hopes got even higher when I saw that Durkin was behind the beat, as dude’s been killing it nonstop for the past few years. Sure enough, not an ounce of disappointment can be felt after listening to “Do Not Disturb,” a well-crafted tune that offers some personal bars from the two MCs. It also low-key bangs and boasts lines that’ll leave you LOLing for hours afterward. I mean, “Slide up in your DMs like the Temptations”? I’m dyin’ over here.

You can hear “Do No Disturb” below. [via]

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