Interview: Bishop Nehru Speaks On His Album With DOOM, The Importance of ‘Illmatic’ and More

Interview: Bishop Nehru Speaks On His Album With DOOM, The Importance of ‘Illmatic’ and More

Bishop NehruThe recent New York rap renaissance spearheaded by teenagers is explicitly inspired by the sounds of the ‘90s. There is the question that can be raised by quite a few about whether this is a gimmick, a form of fanboyism, or simultaneously serves as a creative space and a place of reverence. It’s quite clear that 17-year-old Rockland County native Bishop Nehru’s relationship with the ‘90s falls on the far latter side.

Even if you’ve never listened to his latest mixtape strictlyFLOWZ (and why haven’t you?!), the cosigns he’s earned during such a short time he’s been in the game is nothing to simply glance over. These cosigns include the Wu-Tang Clan (the same one that even Drake couldn’t get to cosign), new school king Kendrick Lamar, and DOOM, who he’s working on a collaboration album with.

The collaboration is coming soon despite school being in session; not the metaphorical student-of-the-game school, but actual high school. He’s the man of the class in both senses though. Check out his progress with the DOOM collaboration, his reaction to the Kendrick Lamar cosign, and more in this Potholes in my Blog interview.

PIMB: Thanks for calling me man. Right on time too.

Bishop Nehru: Yeah. [laughs]

First off, you’re sort of in this weird place right now with school starting and you have all the old rap heads staring at you because you’re doing this DOOM collaboration. How’s the attention like?

It’s not really any attention; it’s kind of the same. It’s not like the buzz is really that big yet … It’s just cordial since I knew [my classmates] for like forever. My school isn’t really a big school; it’s a tiny school where you see the same people every day.

They’re sort of used to having a prodigy around?

Yeah, I guess. [Laughs]

DOOM is very elusive. What is it like getting to work with him?

It’s an honor honestly. I’m a huge fan of DOOM. He’s a cool dude; we went out to dinner and shit…I was in UK for the Wu-Tang tour and I met up with him and we just kicked it about the project and how we gotta go about it and stuff. Next time when I go out there…We’re going to go to the studio and stuff. Yeah he’s a cool dude.

Is DOOM a bit influence in your work? I thought I heard bits and pieces of it in your mixtapes.

On the first one (Nehruvia) not really. It was really just trying to find what I felt the most. We were just going for whatever my mind could make. It was a trial and error thing. It was whatever I could put together, whatever I felt, whatever I could vibe to. It wasn’t like anyone influenced it.

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  1. Ricky
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 17:29:00

    He’s like Joey Badass without an annoying voice. I’m a fan. Hopefully he has something interesting to talk about.

  2. Femi Aborisade
    Sep 25, 2013 @ 15:33:00

    Oh shnizzles. This is dope.

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