Binary Bits – 2suit [EP]

Philadelphia’s Altered Ego Collective, coming off a strong 2011, is making moves towards a similarly ill 2012. This week they brought us 2Suit, the debut EP from Binary Bits, released for free via Bandcamp. A quick visit to Wikipedia tells us what we could have probably gleaned from a quick glance at the Chris Are-designed cover art: “The 2Suit is a garment designed to facilitate effortless intimacy in the weightless environments such as outer space, or on planets with low gravity.” Binary Bits, otherwise known as Zach Catarelli of Philly downtempo mischief-makers Beam & Deem, definitely found the relevant terms there to be “effortless intimacy” and “outer space,” embarking on a seven-track stroll through funky, synthed-up sexscapes (sexed-up synthscapes?). Field recordings and robust bass abound, nicely complementing Catarelli’s slick keyboard work (something of a purist, he eschews samples in favor of live keys and drum programming) resulting in a fun, swervy, party-oriented project.

Hit the skip to stream and download the EP.

Download: Binary Bits – 2suit [Bandcamp]

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