Bilal – “Think It Over” (Acoustic)

Another post, another reason to send props to Rappers I Know. Frank just posted this video of Bilal performing the final track on his upcoming Airtight’s Revenge LP set to drop in September. This rendition of “Think It Over”, which is produced by88-Keys, finds the experimental singer tackling the track in acoustic form. At a time when so many damn singers rely on studio tricks and effects, it’s just refreshing to catch a performance like this. It’s just Bilal, some members of his band, and a camera capturing it all. Gotta love it.

Hit the skip to view the video for “Think It Over” live.

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  1. Wallace3044|

    I saw Bilal perform this song live at his concert in Paris…great tune!!! Can’t wait to hear his new LP


  2. Bilal is super talented. Great song I can’t wait to hear the album Airtight Revenge.

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