Best Releases and Songs of 2013 (Staff List)

potholes-lift-offWith our overall look at the best albums and songs of the year out of the way, I (Andrew Martin) felt it was only right to share how our individual staff members felt about everything in 2013. I asked everyone to share their top 10 favorite songs and their top 10 favorite releases, the latter including EPs, mixtapes, albums, compilations, etc…

This should help better explain our choices for those aforementioned songs and albums lists while giving y’all some insight into each and every writer’s tastes. Not everyone could make the deadline—it’s the holidays, after all—but this is a pretty solid representation of all the wonderful people we’re lucky to call staff writers here at Potholes. <3

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  1. Mike Wallace|

    Doc suds… My dude! I like your style

  2. You guys going to make a top instrumental list for 2013?

  3. Simon Haldbo|

    Potholes has turned soft 😉 Leave the pop music for Pitchfork and give me some more original hip hop….

    Check my UK list. That chunk land is not to be slept on!

    UK list

    1. Trillion and Sniff – North Luna

    2. Lewis Parker – Pieces of the puzzle 2; The Gass

    3. Sniff and Morriarchi – BRAINWAVE CANVAS

    4. Somar Retsim – Sounds Of The Unseen World

    5. Vandal Savage – Savagery over everything

    6. Cappo & Theorist – G3TOUT

    Revised Potholes list:

    1. Denmark Vessey – Cult Classic

    2. Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back

    3. Quelle Chris – Niggas is men

    4. Quasimoto-Yessir

    5. Billy Woods – Dour Candy

    6. Cult Favorite – For mad men only

    7. The Doppelgangaz – Hank

    8. Armand Hammer – Race Music

    9. J-Zone – Peter Pan Syndrome

    10. Jeremiah Jae – Black Jungle Radio

  4. MC TREE! Laura Mvula! Every list without Yeezus is great.

  5. WTF Martin nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. ugh that tape was so weak. one song that features ad-libs of kanye west and weedy as a “feature” is pathetic. also a lot of the other songs have been released before. i expect much more.

  7. dragon and the abstract, anyone?

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