Best Downloads of the Week (11/30/12)

Danger Mouse | The Black Album  [Remastered]

Out of nowhere, this dude John Stewart—he’s an audio engineer—cranked out a remastered version of Danger Mouse’s still-fucking-awesome The Grey Album. For those unaware, it basically started the trend of remixing Jay-Z’s then-final album, The Black Album. Danger Mouse, of course, stood atop the mountain of those projects with his blend of The Black Album and chopped-up samples of the Beatles’ White Album.

Download the remastered Grey Album here.

Electric Sea Spider | Supercash  [Album]

Electric Sea Spider, to be blunt, is one of the more exciting producers out there, if only because he doesn’t flood the market with new material. But, of course, the main reason I dig dude’s music is because it’s so fucking good. It’s glitchy, experimental, lush, and just completely refreshing. That is particularly evident on his new album, Supercash, that has some of my favorite artwork of ’12, too.

Download Supercash at Electric Sea Spider’s Bandcamp.

42 Ghosts | Triple Ex Military  [Album]

I’m going to be real: Death Grips really just aren’t for me. The vocals are way too much sometimes and all the hoopla surrounding them leaving Epic Records was just kind of, well, annoying. So major props are in store for mysterious producers 42 Ghosts, who transformed Death Grips’ finest cuts into dusty, RZA-would-be-proud bangers on Triple Ex Military.

You can download the remix album at 42 Ghosts’ Bandcamp.

Sauce | Sauce Remixes  EP

Australian producer Sauce plopped himself on our radar this past week with a killer and appropriately free EP. Sauce Remixes… is exactly what you think it is: a project filled with remixes. But where it differs from other efforts of its ilk is in its execution, which is absolutely top-fucking-notch. Whether he’s reworking tracks from Erykah Badu, Outkast, or Miles Davis, Sauce handles them with creative and innovative touches.

You can download the EP here.

Captain Murphy | Duality  [Deluxe Edition]

Captain Murphy makes a second appearance in our best downloads of the week feature because, well, he deserves. The previously mysterious rapper—it’s Flying Lotus, if you missed that—released a tracked version of fantastic Duality project along with the instrumentals. You’ll find some bonus cuts on both of the downloads, too, making this that much more worth your bandwidth.

Download the instrumentals here and get the deluxe version of Duality here.

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  1. Thanks. Finals have made me not able to keep up with the music

    i agree about Death grips I liked their album, it was nice. but i can’t appreciate their sound on their recent release

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