Best Downloads of the Week (10/31/14)

Best Downloads of the Week (10/31/14)

Sweater Beats – Cloud City [EP]

sweater-beats-cloud-city If Sweater Beats‘ Cloud City EP falls under the cloud music sub-genre, he’s toying with the standard form and structure. Soft, hastened vocal samples and stabs of synthesizer certainly play heavy roles in the project’s bigger picture, but so, too, do lightly reverberated piano outros, flickering drums that pierce the beat like eagles’ beaks do a blue sky, and slowed, reversed sounds that resemble an ogre’s rumbling groan.

Sweater, otherwise known as Antonio Cuna, expands his vision for the beginning moments of “Golden Sun”—a standout song—before pulling back the chain and clamping down his sound to a creepy, arpeggio march. The process repeats. Similar tricks, in the vein of verse-hook sequencing but with a unique twist, grace much of the music on here. Good luck peeling away from this one.

If you haven’t jumped into this release just yet, tonight might be the perfect time to test our your hopes of moonlighting as a DJ by blasting Cloud City at obscene levels. Ignore the harmful decibels for 15 minutes and let loose.—Alex Siber

You can download the EP here.

Simon SMTHNG – ettolrahC Coliseum [EP]


Charlotte, N.C. producer Simon SMTHNG realized something as he began crafting what would become his latest project: His city is disappearing. That concept is at the center of ettolrahC Coliseum, which is named after the arena that was demolished back in 2007. What ensues is four tracks of moody instrumentals that feel nostalgic in the best way possible. He’s not harping on familiar sounds, like say the boom-bap era or anything like that. Rather, this is personal nostalgia for a city that, again, is disappearing in the eyes of one of its residents.

It’s a sentiment I can relate to, though it’s related to my own hometown of Warwick, R.I. While I haven’t lived there in a number of years, every time I visit feels like a trip into a completely new city. Sure, some places there will never change, but it’s also been a city that’s always felt like a second-banana to the capital (Providence). That’s especially true if you travel to some of the areas that never really caught on, like portions of Post and Bald Hill roads. It’s like mini-ghost towns in the middle of a landscape that appears to be thriving—or maybe on its last breath.

What I’m trying to say here, Simon, is that I definitely know how you feel.—Andrew Martin

You can download the EP here.



All adventurous, memorable nights (and, in today’s case, Halloween festivities) follow an anxious period of meandering and clock-glancing. Once the ticker spins to the long-awaited start time, be it 10 p.m. or 1 a.m., the evening accelerates and memories are made — or obliterated. Ta-ku and Kit Pop plot such progression as HWLS, debuting a four-track EP of the same name. The duo have worked in conjunction for a minute now, but we’re not too sure anything of theirs can compare to this.

“001” and much of “002” might make some of you high-five a wall or spin around in gleeful circles, but the capped energy stays under [light] locks until the final half, where “003” and “004” find the pair of producers hurling spears of overdriven horns and synthesizers, explosive cluster bombs attached to their tips. Records like these can stir chaotic debauchery on the dance floor—stay woke.

Sidenote: Do any of you recognize the melody of a recurring song from The Italian Job (that 2003 gold-heist movie starring Mark Wahlberg) in this project’s first track? Let us know.—Alex Siber

You can download the EP here.

H1987 – Mountains [EP]

MountainsEP For whatever reason, every free download we assembled to share with you all has four songs. Only after writing the others did we actually realize the coincidence. If a conspiracy existed to explain the pattern, we’d share all we knew. Anyway, before this final blurb dives to a point of no return, allow us to once more highlight the work of producer H1987, whose Cloud City EP breathes the wondrous sights, sounds and smells enjoyed by forrest people, star gazers and plane walkers.

Unlike Cloud City, which veers from cut-and-dry atmospherics, Mountains maintains a peaceful, if not occasionally ominous, quiet. The music blends together, fading and mixing around in your recollective mind. You could put Mountain‘s four delicate tracks on repeat while reading, studying or doing whatever else. But you could also close your eyes and, if able to resist sleep’s temptations, revisit old places and trek toward the unknown.—Alex Siber

You can download the EP here.

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