Best Downloads Of The Week (10/11/13)

Various Artists | Lift Off [Compilation]

lift_offFor our second-ever label compilation, we asked the artists on our roster to create exclusive tracks within the realm of space-y, intergalactic music. This led to a number of different takes on the sound, including a jazzy tune from Jay Cue, synth-laced banger from Equalibrum, and an awesomely harsh vhvl cut called “abysml”. Yeah, I’m obviously biased as one of the people who runs Potholes Music, but I also really believe in the art created by everyone associated with our team.

You can download the compilation here.

Thelonious Martin & Evan Holt | The Temptations  [Album]

thelonious-martin-evan-holtThe Temptations is a pure rapper-producer album in every sense of the word. Thelonious Martin is on the beats, Evan Holt is on the rhymes, and that’s it. You won’t hear anyone else’s beats or any guest vocalists on here, just straight-up sample-heavy beats and weeded bars. And by that I don’t mean Holt, who hails from San Diego, is simply rapping about marijuana on here. Instead, he sounds like he just took a few hits and felt inspired to wax poetic about what he’s seen in his life. Nothin’ wrong that that!

You can download the album at DJ Booth.

HeapRize | GANG SIGN$  [Album]

heaprize-gang-signsIf you like your beats to have a strong dose of FUNK within them, you had better be listening to Australian producer HeapRize’s new project, GANG SIGN$. It’s nine tracks of pure instrumental bliss with a focus on grooves and bass. If nothing else, it’ll brighten the hell out of your day, especially for me seeing how it’s been miserable in Raleigh lately. Sunshine in your eardrum; WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA.

You can download the album here.

Super Helpful Kwame | Sober  [Album]

kwame soberIf the name Super Helpful Kwame looks familiar to you, that’s because you are probably a fan of the work of his alongside Chuck Strangers and Lee Bannon as Super Helpful. While I’m not sure if those guys are still working together, Kwame’s doing his thing on the solo tip. That’s apparent on Sober, a free project that finds the Brooklyn rapper/producer flowing over beats from Shlohmo, Koreless, Bear//Face, and others. It makes for a hazy, almost-dreamy listen seeping with weed clouds and DOOM-esque stream-of-consciousness.

You can download Sober here.

Friendzone | DX  [Album]

friendzone-dxFriendzone‘s new instrumental opus, DX, arrives with a pay-what-you-want price tag probably because of the potential sample-clearance issues lurking within the tracks. Be that as it may, I suggest throwing these two Bay Area producers a few donation dollars to show your support for this blissful, bursting collection of new music. I mean, there are 21 damn tracks on here when you take the nine bonus cuts into account, so show some love as long as your bank account isn’t in shambles. And no, I’m not making any money off this, ya jerk.

You can download the album here.

CJ Fly | Thee Way Eye See It  [Mixtape]

cj-fly-thee-wayTechnically, Pro Era rapper CJ Fly dropped his solo debut, Thee Way Eye See It, last weekend, but I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit so I wanted to include it here. The kid’s definitely got his own style, even if he is running with that boom-bap-drenched sound associated with his crew. A similar style hasn’t ever impaired previous ventures of this kind, though, and it’s great to hear him taking the lead on tracks with Joey Bada$$, Buckshot, Ab-Soul, and others.

You can download the tape here.

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  1. really digging “mint julep” by javis faux on that Lift Off compilation a lot

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