Benji B & J Rocc on BBC Radio 1

Benji B & J Rocc on BBC Radio 1

J Rocc Benji B & J Rocc on BBC Radio 1

When it comes to hip-hop disc jockeys, there aren’t many that do it better than founding member of the Beat Junkies Crew, J Rocc. And when it comes to radio disc jockeys, Benji B is just about as good as it gets. With his recent promotion to BBC Radio 1, Benji B invites J Rocc on his show to dig deep into that ever-expanding vault of incredible exclusives. This set in particular includes several exclusive cuts and insights from J Rocc’s upcoming Stones Throw album, Some Cold Rock Stuf. It has been a long time coming, but let me tell you, these dusty records sounds absolutely incredible! Plus, we also get news of some additional giveaways and promotion material from J Rocc, which will include even more unreleased music. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget to mention the Black Star track he drops, which is produced by Madlib. Wowzerz.

Check out the Benji B & J Rocc session on BBC Radio 1 after the skip.

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