Beautiful Lou – “Long Pinky” F. Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF [UPDATED]

beautiful-lou-long-pinkyAs I mentioned when Miguel‘s entry in Adult Swim’s series of singles dropped, the next one was set to be a collaboration between producer (and sometimes rapper) Beautiful Lou, bearded weed-lover Action Bronson, and rap goofball RiFF RAFF. Seeing those names together instantly piqued my interest because Bronson and RiFF delivered one of last year’s best singles with “Bird on a Wire”.

My expectations were high, to say the least, and I’m thankful to hear that they’re still quite the dynamic duo. While “Long Pinky” might not reach the levels of “Bird on a Wire”—few tracks can!—I’m not about to take it off repeat, either. Lou deserves ample props for his beat, too, which is a slightly woozy headnodder clouded in guitars and sharp drums.

You can hear “Long Pinky” below. [via]

UPDATE: You can now download the track at Adult Swim.

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