Beat Culture – Tokyo Dreamer [Album]

If you do not own this free album by the end of this sentence, we have a problemTokyo Dreamer is Beat Culture‘s second big release–with his first being orchestrated when he’d just gotten his driver’s license. This release? It’s just as surprising and twice as good. Play the first song, repeat and get ready for some dance inducing electronic, free-your-mind, hip-hop beats. Oh, there’s a lot of water sounds too. I asked Sunik Kim, “What’s the significance of the water?” He says, “It ties it all together.” He either gave me the most philosophical answer ever or he’s saying it’s the string to his lofty balloon-like beats–keeping them from floating away into the sun. To all dreamers out there: this album is for you.

Hit the skip to stream and download the album.

Download: Beat Culture – Tokyo Dreamer [Bandcamp]

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  1. well well welll, this is dope.

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