Balam Acab – Club Water Discus [Collection]

Balam Acab – Club Water Discus [Collection]

balam-acab-undersIt’s been a minute since we heard from Balam Acab. Previously, he dropped a gnarly remix of Rick Ross‘ otherwise underwhelming collaboration with Usher, “Touch N You”. But just this afternoon, he released a collection of five new tracks that he apparently recorded “in an underwater hotel room in Dubai.” They all fall into a style he was experimenting with and are not indicative of what he’s got coming next. Just consider it a thank-you to all of you anxiously awaiting new material.

Here’s how he described Club Water Discus:

a sound i experimented with in 2012 while spending many months alone in an underwater hotel room in dubai…unofficial, non-indicative of sound of future official releases, just thought i’d share…

Sounds good to me. Check it out below.

Download: Balam Acab – Club Water Discus [Mediafire]


  1. bored
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 17:40:00

    thiiis iiiiis gooooooonna b weeeeeeeeeeeeet

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