Baauer Speaks On Azealia Banks Situation, Preps New EP With Just Blaze and AlunaGeorge

Baauer Speaks On Azealia Banks Situation, Preps New EP With Just Blaze and AlunaGeorge

baauer-clappingIf you’ve been in a cave over the past week or so maybe you haven’t heard, but “Harlem Shake” became a viral smash and now everyone in the world has heard Baauer’s gigantic production and made a 30-second video with it. Also, Azealia Banks recorded a track with the beat, tried to release it without Baauer’s official permission, and proceeded to do what she does best by acting a fool on twitter. Then she released a video for the underwhelming track, again, without the “OK” from Baauer.

The Daily Beast sat down with the breakout producer for his first interview since “Harlem Shake” became a thing/meme. Baauer was aware that Azealia wanted to do something with the beat and had expressed his desire to keep her track unreleased, which obviously didn’t happen. Both artists have expressed they admired each other’s work, and it’s a shame that their relationship went south following some unprofessional actions. Still, we have to give major props to Baauer and his camp for handling the situation diplomatically with such a loose cannon.

The fun news, though, is a new EP on the way from Baauer on LuckyMe. It’s got collaborations with Just Blaze, who he is currently wrapping up a tour with, as well as Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge, who is getting some huge recognition for her new anthem with Disclosure. There are also some brief talks about a collaboration with A$AP Rocky and a forthcoming summer tour with RL Grime.

In the end, one of 2012’s most raucous singles has become the most unexpected viral smash of 2013 and the biggest track that Mad Decent has ever released. Everyone and their mother (literally) has heard of Baauer, and now he’s got a larger audience for whatever he brings next. Kudos to you, Baauer. [via]


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  1. Frank Luanda
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 14:55:00

    So she wants to do a rap on the beat…so what?? In the age of YouTube, Soundcloud etc. there is no need to ask for permission to capitalize on a meme unless one plans to make money off it. He should see it as homage. And Azealia shouldn’t be such a cunt about it.

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