I’m Losing My Mind to Axnt’s ‘Double Image’ Project

Charlotte, N.C. producer Axnt has been on my radar for a minute now thanks in part to the homie Simon, who’s a talented a producer in his own right, and also the folks at the Durham-based Raund Haus collective.

They released Axnt’s latest project, Double Image, which is a delightful blend of sounds. While hip-hop may be the root of what you’ll hear on this project, there are lovely experimental touches throughout that bring a healthy heaping of crunch, fuzz, and other speaker-punishing elements. And yet, even at its most left-field, Double Image never gets too abrasive or challenging, which is no easy feat.

It can be difficult to put into words how a project sounds or makes you feel when it’s this fucking good. Sure, it’s weird at times and pushes some boundaries—”ProtoPattern” is B O N K E R S and has a really dope Brainfeeder aesthetic—but so what? What does “weird” even mean anymore? What is happening in this post?

*deep breath*

You can buy Axnt’s Double Image on Bandcamp and stream it below via Spotify. If you’re looking a track to start with, peep the beat-switching (and appropriately titled) “Mind Lost” or the bananas “ProtoPattern.”

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