Video: A$AP Rocky and RiFF RAFF Go ‘Back And Forth’ (Part 2)

asap-rocky-riff-raff-2Because one Back and Forth feature wasn’t enough, A$AP Rocky and RiFF RAFF are back with a second portion of their interview series for Noisey. And the best part? It includes a guest appearance A$AP Yams, who chimes in for some of the responses and asks questions like his cohorts. Actually, nah, RiFF is still the best part because he is such a goddamn absurd person(a). My favorite part is when they ask him about what he’s done for money before rapping and he responds that he sold drugs and worked at Jack in the Box at the same time. Or, in his words, “I’m giving you honey mustard and then I’m giving you a purple batman [aka ecstasy].” Wait, no, the freestyle. That is the best.

You can watch the video below.

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  1. nigga said they cost about a traffic jam. Yo this had me dying man. Even the A$AP dudes were dying when this nig was spitting. He was trying though, and he didn’t give a fuck. So for that, I respect him. Cool dude to. This video showed the difference between a rapper and whatever classification you wanna put riff raff at.

  2. Oh man, Riff cannot rap. Opened for him and Three Loco and he was so coked out, didn’t rap any track, pumped in all his lyrics and he just drank and pulled up bitches out the crowd. His persona makes me laugh, raps make me cringe….

  3. Pretty much why I watch RiFF and just laugh now. It used to bother me about how he’s clearly a phony and whatnot, but whatever, he’s entertaining for now.

  4. wish when Riff Raff was asked about being compared to lil be he replied “what did it feel like when Rocky pretty much took one of his producers, clams casino?”.

  5. These vids show how Fake Riff Raff’s whole persona is. pretty sure some article came out recently that proved he lied about his background. Lil B is realer than Riff Raff.

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