Artist Spotlight: TiRon (Episode 1)

Potholes In My Blog presents west coast emcee TiRon as our very first Artist Spotlight feature of the month. Los Angeles has become a hotbed for fresh, new hip-hop artists as of late. The list of dope artists coming out of there right now is endless, and TiRon tops that elite list. I first heard of TiRon from his Handshakes & Pounds Mixtape and most recently his Ketchup mixtape that dropped only days ago. It seems to me with each project this guy puts out, he comes closer and closer to becoming a top emcee in hip-hop. With amazing talent and such a bright future ahead of him, TiRon is under the Potholes Artist Spotlight for the month of March.

Join me as I kick it with TiRon in a quick Q&A, getting the low down on TiRon’s career moves and much more.

Also be sure to check out TiRon’s latest mixtape, Ketchup.

Reyn: What was your first encounter with music?
TiRon: My first encounter with music was just hanging around my uncles basement.  He’s a blues musician so I just always used to listen to him jam out with his buddies and watch him record.  After that I picked up a viola, then a trumpet, then started playing drums, then started playing keys and I just started to learn about the structure of compositions.

Reyn: When did you decide to take your music to a professional level?
TiRon: Around 2001 is when I decided to take this music seriously. I had been writing and making music just to prove I could do it, then after a while I said fuck it and started trying to rock shows and get paid.

Reyn: LA is where you’re from: how does that music scene influence your music?
TiRon: It influences my music mainly due to the fact that its a lot of dreaming going on out here. Los Angeles is known for that Hollywood vibe, a lot of cats looking large in hopes to one day be large, fake it till you make it type shit.  So when I write, I try to keep it as honest as I possibly can. And im not saying I dont fall victim to that kinda stuff cause I’m not perfect at all, but when it does happen I try to spin it and clown myself in my music.

Reyn: Do you sometimes find it difficult to standout in an area with so many dope artists?
TiRon: Not at all, especially not out here.  There are a ton of dope artists but there’s only one me, and you definitely won’t find another one.

Reyn: Talk about this new wave of artists that we have started to see sweeping the Internet. Guys like Blu, Pacific Division, U-N-I and yourself. What sets you guys so far apart from the rest of the pack?
TiRon: Because my name is TiRon.  We don’t rhyme about the same shit, none of us.  If you listen to all of our records back to back you can hear the difference in the way that our verses are structured, rhyme schemes and all that.  But that might be too much of a technical answer lol so I’ll just say, I’m not far apart from the rest of the pack, those are the homies so its like one big scene, and I dont mind being in the mix of it.  We finally have a scene thats on OUR type of shit, if I was apart from it then I would be doing that OTHER shit, and that’s not the sound I cater to.

Reyn: Your music has been featured on all sorts of mixtapes over the past year or so. Talk about those projects and how they have helped you get the TiRon name out.
TiRon: Lever 2008, The Exactly Presets Your New Favorite Mixtape, 2DopeBoyz Cadillac Edition Mixtape, were all very responsible for helping me get to where I’m at now. But it’s been the blogs holding me down more than anything.

Reyn: Your lyrical content seems to be down to earth, everyday life type stuff. Talk a little about what goes into your raps and some of the things that influence them.
TiRon: The same thing that influences you to feel angry, sad, depressed, happy, giddy, excited, confused, curious, etc. is the same shit that inspires me to make music.

Reyn: The new mixtape is dropping, tell us about it and what you set out to achieve with this project?
TiRon: The new mixtape is called Ketchup and it’s just to catch everyone up with my music.  I’ve been quiet for a while lately and everyones wondering what I been doing so I figured I would catch them up and give them hints of what they can expect from me in the future.

Reyn: What can we expect from TiRon in 2009?
TiRon: “Nigga more photoshoots, more interviews…” – from Dom Kennedy’s “Bite Me”

Reyn: Name some artists that you would like to work with in the future.

TiRon: Aside from the usual suspects (Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, Diz, etc.) Hmm, i’d like to work with that dude Colin Munroe.  Kid is a nuts!  KiD CuDi is pretty dope too.  I suppose anyone whos music reflects more than writing “hits, bars, hot 16’s, etc.”

Reyn: Besides your own music, what is TiRon listening to right now?
TiRon: Colin Munroe’s mixtape, all things Drake, Lykke Li, KiD CuDi, Lil Wayne, Pac Div, Swiff D, MGMT, The Flaming Lips, a bunch of shit.  Oh and that one shit, LMFAO I’M IN MIAMI BITCH!

Reyn: Thanks a lot once again for coming by, any closing words for the readers?
TiRon: Everything you say you’re gonna do in 2009 make sure you do it.  9 is the number of completion, so finish what you start.

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