Armchair A&R: Thom Yorke & DOOM Collaborative Album

When you look at Yorke and DOOM, from a sonic standpoint, they are both some of the most versatile artists within their respective genres. DOOM can produce and rap over some of the most dusty boom-bap on earth, but then he can switch things up and come out with a futuristic banger before you know what even hit you. As is the case with Yorke, who has continued to push the limits with Radiohead, as well as his endless other collaborative efforts be it in a solo or collaborative capacity.

The first thing that gets us excited about the prospect of these two living legends coming together is production. If we could somehow get these two guys behind the boards, I am sure all of our minds would be blown. The joining of such different sounds somehow makes so much sense. The drowning loops of Yorke would skip along hand-in-hand with DOOM’s dusty breaks. And we have a feeling there would be some darkness to this project, too, as DOOM’s villainous ways join forces with Yorke’s sorrowing simplicity. The idea alone strikes us as peculiar, yet undeniably complex.

Of course, these two are superb vocalists as well. Without a doubt, their prowess from a vocal standpoint doesn’t come from a refined background, but rather a quirky charm that has rem. And quite frankly, their voices seem to contrast quite brilliantly. Yorke’s drawn out, lethargic chords would tighten any loose ends that DOOM might leave behind with his abstract wordplay and gruff delivery. As far as lyrical content goes, these two seem to be on the same page. Villainous themes can run rampant, as Yorke pushes the limits with philosophical ideas and imagery.

What is a collaborative album without a theme? Let’s call this thing Bastard Narcosis, a story revolving around a bastard villain who can’t seem to find his way. The villain will suffer from severe depression and loneliness, finding it hard to sleep at night, and constantly having regret for his bad actions. Eventually he will find that he can put his super powers to better use, discovering that he really isn’t a villain at all, thus breaking free from his unconscious state. Got it? Cool. Now let’s make a track listing and throw in some fun features as well.

Bastard Narcosis Track Listing:

  1. Rapid Eye Movement
  2. Delirium Grief F. Earl Sweatshirt
  3. Paraphrased Paranoia
  4. Gloom
  5. What’s It Going To Be F. Viktor Vaughn
  6. Dastardly Deed F. Ghostface Killah
  7. Villain’s Remorse F. Lord Quas
  8. Nebulous
  9. Paraplegic
  10. Arms Laid To Rest F. Mos Def



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  1. im just happy to see lord quas on this shit!!

  2. With Vado? What lololololololololololol

  3. pollo gonzales|

    i always like the idea of an older head collabing with a new cat – maybe like diamond d or large prof with vado could be dope

  4. I love this Article , The thought of these two collaborating is mind blowing. The best of two worlds colliding , and it would make so much sense. Very interesting read, Yaw got this idea stuck in my head, I hope it happens!

  5. I always thought The Roots & Radiohead collabo would be tight

    but this is great idea. i love the theme.

    Next collab album idea i got Dj Quik and Q-Tip. Quik-Tip

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