Apparently ScHoolboy Q & Blu Are Beefing On Twitter

The song in question: “Gangsta In Designer (No Concept)”.

The line in question: “Stickin to the script like muthafuckin glue”

What Blu thought ScHoolboy Q said: “Stickin to the script like muthafuckin blue”

Even if ScHoolboy said that line instead of what he really said, why should that even begin to upset Blu? Anyway, you can read the full conversation below.

Now, we all know Blu has had a bit of a hard time gaining traction in recent months. And we aren’t quite sure where the promising MC is going to take things next. But one thing is for sure, this certainly does not help his case. We are still rooting for him, of course, but this and the Danny Brown album fiasco will not be working in his favor.

Our Twitter embeds seem to be down, so check out the story down below thanks to MJF.

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26 thoughts on “Apparently ScHoolboy Q & Blu Are Beefing On Twitter

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  1. troof tella|

    he never once says he’s joking. he’s just lame.

  2. Nag Champa|

    How can Blu be jealous of ScHoolboy Q? Blu placed Q on his top 20 list for 2011, on his blog. If anything, Blu was quick to assume and asked in what could have been a better approach. Nothing but humbleness from Blu, most likely a misunderstanding that will be resolved when Blu & Exile return from their tour in Europe. Q is a bitch for saying that he is making more money though. All you need in this world is enough money to eat, sleep & provide. Fuck all that braggadocious shit.

  3. i am saying that Blu is jealous of Q because he is much more popular and is getting a ton of attention while Blu has lost ground. You can’t argue that Blu is way better than Q. That is a personal opinion. But, I would say that Q has put out hotter music than Blu as of lately. I am not talking about mass appeal but the fact that inner circles used to say that Blu was the new Nas or the New west, now he is an afterthought because of TDE. Blu probably thought Q was dissing him because he psychologically projecting feelings of tension between him and Q. Blu was not thinking clearly when he tweeted that, but the fact that he was so quick to jump to the conclusion that Q was out to diss him before he was able to register that A) he read it wrong, B) he must have felt some type of aggressive feelings towards Q beforehand why else would he take it personally. It was a mistake obviously. But the underlying message that something is definitely off with Blu. Inner feelings slipped out when Blu wrote that tweet.

  4. you tkink blu could be jealous of q ? if so i don'”t understand why since blu is wayyyy better than q. i think blu really thought q was dissing him on that glue thing and frankly said to q that he’s not cool with that.and he’s in europe right now so that’s not what he woke up to lol. it’s just that simple

  5. you probably don’t smoke

  6. MastaHandz|

    Seriously Blu, your better than that my dude. And I highly doubt that Schoolboy Q was talking about you. All that man wants to do is make money and take care of his daughter. Unnecessary nonsense smh…

  7. Joe Zehetner|

    Haha, what a bad example for Weed making you paranoid.

  8. thanks bro

  9. Look y’all. It’s really obvious that he was joking and messing around with Q. I watched this unfold and I knew it was a joke at the beginning. If you guys weren’t in such a hating and despondent mood about Blu then you would realize this. He even says straight out says he’s joking in his tweets. This post is kinda sensational for the sake of being sensational.

  10. i really don’t think either parties are dumb enough to really…. have this shit on twitter

  11. if Abbott and Costello were on Twitter…

  12. i am going to guess that Blu’s stage performance video where he was high and interrupted and this is kind of related

    Also Blu has been struggling to recapture his old notoriety and fire that he had a couple years ago.

    now i am going to go full on therapist and psychoanalyze Blu here and say that he obviously does not feel good about himself and understandably frustrated about a lot of things. So that might explain why he is quick to react negatively to what might have been one of the first twitter posts he saw when he woke up that morning (10:00 AM cali time).

    think of it this way, if you felt bad about yourself you are more likely to take things more personally and negatively than you should.

    This is all just how I feel when reading this. Understandably, I know next to nothing about the real underlying causes. However, in times like these when rappers tend to start twitter beefs, it is usually coinciding when a rapper is struggling musically. It seems like that very often these “beefs” online come from venting personal frustrations, and possible jealously of other rappers.

  13. It’s hard to believe that. He’s all out in the open basically begging for a feature after Q plays him off.

  14. lol drugs or not, it just sounds like blu was joking. it doesn’t come off like he’s seriously upset.

  15. Blu’s been known to, um, do a lot of drugs.

  16. I really want this to be some weird inside joke they pulled because I can’t honestly believe Blu is that dumb.

    Is he going to ask every rapper that has ever used the word “blue” (or glue or clue, I guess?) in a rhyme if they were dissing him?

  17. Sorry guys, seems like our tweet thing is down. Working on it!

  18. Ha, I just think it’s funny that Blu was joking about the diss, but then got actual dissed.

  19. this is so pathetic

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