Apparently Jay Electronica Wanted “Control” For His Album

jay-electronica-sittingIn case you forgot, Kendrick Lamar wasn’t the only guest on Big Sean‘s non-album cut, “Control”. It also featured Jay Electronica, who apparently wanted the track for his album, Act II. According to this newly revealed interview, the New Orleans native told Sean that he hoped to put “Control” on his record after learning that it wouldn’t appear on Sean’s Hall of Fame. But then Lamar contributed a guest feature and, well, the rest is history.

Electronica admits that it’s a good thing that “Control” came out sooner than later (or never considering Act II is a myth) because it’s a good thing for hip-hop, which he says has been dormant for a long time. How about letting that inspire you to release something new, Mr. Electronica?

You can watch the interview below.

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  1. Geoffrey Kenneth|

    That’s what’s up.

  2. When I say “I’m super sick of the Kendrick Lamar shit” I don’t mean Kendrick Lamar himself, I mean the over reaction to his verse.

  3. Word. Hip Hop has been fine. Just because the rappers that get nominated for grammy’s aren’t bringing it doesn’t mean it’s dormant. One of Hip Hop’s biggest problems is that we now keep defining hip hop solely by the most popular artists.

  4. Geoffrey Kenneth|

    agreed, but dont take the ridiculous over-reactions to kendrick’s verse out on kendrick.

  5. Just because mainstream hip-hop has been dormant doesn’t mean that hip-hop in general is dormant. The hip-hop underground scene is alive and kicking with cats like jonwayne, Ras G, Homeboy Sandman, Jeremiah Jae, El-p, Killer Mike, Zeroh and a whole host of others making cool and interesting hip-hop. If you are to lazy to search these cats out then IMO your not a true fan of hip-hop, let alone a music fan. I’m super sick of the Kendrick Lamar shit.

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