ANTHM – The Fire Next Time [Free EP]

anthm-the-fire-next-timeManhattan rapper ANTHM chose to release his eight-track EP entitled The Fire Next Time only four months after his previous project, Handful of Dust. For many artists, that’d be less than enough time to put together something solid. But for the upstart emcee and former Wall Street trader who’d been accustomed to long hours and short time frames, it was more than enough.

Inspired by observation and conversation, TFNT conveys ANTHM’s thoughts on our current culture, and includes a declaration of what he’s here to do: Weave together an introspective tone and a thoughtful, balanced sound. The endeavor is a successful one, as the efforts on TFNT indicate, and we’re excited to hear what the imaginative artist has for us in the future.

Download: ANTHM – The Fire Next Time [Bandcamp]

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  1. We appreciate it, Stephen! Thanks for the support!

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    Now this is how you are supposed to represent music…Love it !! I think you guys have the best Music Blog out…! Bravo

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