ANTHM – “Nina” P. Blu

ANTHM – “Nina” P. Blu

anthm handful of dustANTHM continues to make strides with the West Coast’s Blu, this time by way of new single “Nina”. With the smooth-leaning single, we also get word of ANTHM’s forthcoming Handful of Dust EP, which will flaunt production from GodLeeBarnes. Not a bad look for the up-and-comer, who seems to have picked an artist who continues to sharpen his production chops.

Stream “Nina” below. Handful of Dust drops March 4.


  1. UndecidedUnknown
    Feb 26, 2013 @ 00:08:00

    Very distinct talent. Definitely watch out for ANTHM. Sorry to steer away from the great post & news of this project, but isn’t this an instrumental beat Blu/GODleeBarnes produced on his NoSleepForADay beat-tape?

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