Allan Kingdom Shuts Sh!t Down On The Misogi-Produced “Oh Deer!”

Allan Kingdom Shuts Sh!t Down On The Misogi-Produced “Oh Deer!”

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Little else does more for progression than self-awareness. Allan Kingdom, Plain Pat’s star pupil, long ago set off to lace his work with the idiosyncrasies and ideals that define him. As his supporters continue to grow in strength, so too do his detractors. Not to worry; the multi-talent, still somehow underrated among his New School classmates, possesses the passion and skill to easily deflect such skeptics. His latest—the Misogi-produced “Oh Dear!”—finds the rapper-producer with his finger on the pulse, responding to the most common criticism of his music: it’s too weird.

With Misogi handling the left-field banger’s layered synths, “Oh Deer!” marks the second consecutive song featuring Kingdom as a rapper only.

The Northern Gentleman slips in self-references that are anything but subtle: the explicit mentioning of evergreens joins the track’s purposefully misspelled title, a nod to the wildlife that seems to have played a significant role in shaping Kingdom’s music and mindset. Or maybe “Deer” is meant to connect back to the Deer-xing sign at the end of the artist’s “Evergreens” video. Regardless, ignore my ramblings. Enter the forest below and give Kingdom’s latest a listen. Follow Allan and Misogi on Twitter, and stay tuned as the latter moves closer to liberating his OCCULT EP.

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