Alias Punch – “Snakeskin”

When (unknown) artists follow me on twitter, I almost always investigate to check out why. I think it’s a pretty reasonable presumption that someone would follow me on the chat machine for a reason,┬ábut then again it doesn’t take long to discover you don’t have to have a reason to do anything on twitter — a lot of the time I have no idea why someone would have followed me let alone located my existence, but I guess timelines full of “RT This to get free iPad only pay 4.69!” must appeal to someone or they wouldn’t be, no?

Anyway, I find myself fortunate to have been recently followed by Alias Punch. Although their timeline is full of a lot of “Attend our concert here!!!!/Attend our concert here!!!!/Attend our concert here!!!! – type stuff, the slop-rock/garage/post-punk music these guys make is pretty damned good, like “Snakeskin,” a morphic 10:21 soundtrack they made for a indie horror b-movie of the same name. Then I noticed that Canadian Winter was following them and, well, I trust Kobi. Now a follow and twelve hours later, here I am having played through their entire discography and made ready to preach Orlando Florida punch. Oh, the power of twitter mon amis. Use it well.

Stream “Snakeskin” below then hit the skip to grab the download link and view the awesomely cake-faced artwork.

[audio:|titles=Alias Punch – “Snakeskin”]

Download: Alias Punch – “Snakeskin” [Bandcamp]

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  1. This is just amazing !

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