Alias – Fever Dream

Alias – Fever Dream
anticon: 2011

As an instrumental hip-hop producer, Alias has embraced musical progression, never standing still with successive releases. Early releases on Anticon found him treading near the sample-heavy DJ Shadow-y end of things. His last solo outing in 2008, Resurgam, saw the sound morph somewhere different, closer to the more indie electronic side of things, while remaining rooted in the early hip-hop that helped define his early career.

Fast forward three years later, and Fever Dream seems a logical next step for the ever-evolving producer. Continuing to embrace the current state of music, Fever Dream unfolds like Alias’s scrapbook of the current hip-hop/electronic landscape.

On first listen, the most obvious inspirations stem from the glitchy and endlessly diverse LA beat scene. Tracks like “Wanna Let It Go” and “Dahorses” would sound right at home amongst FlyLo’s Brainfeeder roster. Chopped vocal samples alongside heavy synth work on “Tagine” show Alias giving a nod to the burgeoning UK bass scene, meanwhile keeping the head-nodding hip-hop drum patterns on full display.

Fever Dream isn’t a release that will change the instrumental hip-hop landscape, however, that’s not what it tries to do. Alias has put together a loose, 43-minute, masterfully crafted collection of songs intended to show his diversity as a producer, and it does just that. Fever Dream lets Alias jump from sound to sound to create a modest, yet very enjoyable album, proving that even amongst a radically different landscape, he can still remain relevant.

[audio:|titles=Alias – Revl Is Divad]
3.5 out of 5

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