Listen: Alchemist, Samiyam and Action Bronson Team Up To Flip British Knights Commercials

alchemist-bronson-samiyamWhat happens when you get Alchemist, Samiyam, and Action Bronson on the same project? Well, it appears that the folks at British Knights wanted to know the answer because they commissioned all three artists to work on this somewhat-bizarre Which Ways The Beach mix. Honestly, when this came across my Twitter feed yesterday, I was equally confused and intrigued. For one, it was pushed by Alchemist himself, which left me wondering what the hell he had to do with it. However, something distracted me and I didn’t follow-up; until today.

You see, Al tweeted it out again with the information that he, Sam, and Bronson worked on the mix together. You see, the two producers—yes, I know Al and Sam also rap, but that’s not the case here—were handed the audio from a series of British Knights commercials. What happened next had to be a seriously blunted beat-making session, because the resulting beats are pretty gnarly. As for Bronson, his appearance is brief but memorable, and it features lines like, “Don’t try to put me in a box like a tissue/ Because I’ll put you in a box with a pink suit/ Now f_ck around and have some squid ink soup, bitch!”

You can watch/listen below.

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