Tiny Hearts – Stay EP

tiny-hearts-stay-epTiny Hearts – Stay EP
Dirt Tech Reck: 2013

Dynamic. Erotic. Cinematic. Those are the type of clear adjectives that describe the feel of Tiny Heart’s Stay EP. It’s 15+ minutes of singer Dede and producers Tim K and Waajeed’s metropolitan late-night wave. The trio carefully pivots around the roots of r&b, soul and 80s pop to craft a sound that is intimate and magnetic, while being contemporary and futuristic. While the bastard children of rhythm and blues continue to whore themselves out to the latest trends on the mainstream (terribly singing and dancing about empty sex in lavish clubs), Tiny Hearts adds to a list of progressives like Muhsinah, Sonnymoon, and Cocaine 80s incubating that weary spirit in the now.

The lead single/video “Centerfold” is a stuttering concoction of razor blade bass, airy synth, and electric ambience that envelops Dede’s voice just enough for her to sweetly break on through. The EP’s opening song “Stay” sounds like it could easily sit on contemporary urban radio with its trap-ish undertone and pitched-down vocal harmony. Yet, the song is equal parts tender and elegant that makes one want to throw light ‘bows while reminiscing about a past love. The real winner on the EP though is “Snow Cold”, which sounds like theme music to a sci-fi flick about robot trying to escape termination. Tim K and Waajeed create these oscillating funky low-ends within the song that bleed into anxious textures Dede angelically glides over; it’s simply one of the best songs I’ve heard all year.

While I don’t want to over-hype a four song set, I do hope this EP gains Tiny Hearts a healthy fan base that will not be satisfied with this short sonic bliss and bring us a full length soon. Dede’s voice (while not a towering power), has a tone that sooths, guides, and seduces the listener through the layers of Tim and Waajeed’s dreamy fragmented boom. The music sounds like crushed glass reflecting images of lovers, insects, and aliens revealing life’s little secrets across the best cityscapes. Let’s hope this small humble beginning echoes through the internet and begins to make some serious noise.

3.5 out of 5

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