P.O.S. – We Don’t Even Live Here

P.O.S. – We Don’t Even Live Here

P.O.S. – We Don’t Even Live Here
Rhymesayers Ent.: 2012

P.O.S. is the figurative leader of the Doomtree collective who proudly wears the chip on his shoulder. Last time we heard a solo record from him it was the menace of Never Better which was equal parts a punch in the face and incredible. It painted a dark picture, but turned to be an ultimately rewarding listen for the adventurous punk inspired production and dense lyricism. The Doomtree posse has been hard at work, but now three years later, it’s time for another solo record from P.O.S., We Don’t Even Live Here.

On album single “Get Down” P.O.S. drops some very P.O.S. bars, “No one gives a fuck about shit/so fuck your shit/we fuck shit up/cause shit’s fucked anyway/shit is run into the ground/I don’t wanna think about it/ I just want to get down” before breaking into a straight-up dance party stomper. It’s a hard left from Never Better, but a telling step in his development as an artist in the years since. The “me against the world” mentality is part of what made Never Better so great, but on We Don’t Even Live Here P.O.S. is still the same guy, only taking a moment to celebrate in between the darker moments.

WDELH is a lean 40 minutes, taking P.O.S.’s sound into some completely new places. Lead single “Fuck Your Stuff” and “How We Land” kick things off with polished traces of the punk influences, before moving into the smooth as hell “Wanted/Wasted” with a poignant feature from Astronautalis. Things eventually dive into the desolate murk of “Lock-Picks, Knives, Bricks and Bats” that crawls around for a few minutes with the faintest trace of percussion. Things dive even further into the down on “Fire In The Hole/Arrow To The Action” where P.O.S. reminds us that the punk-rock is still lurking in there somewhere.

It’s from the complete angst of moments like this where “Get Down” comes in and shines. Standing by itself it feels like shot at something fundamentally not him, but out of the grit it’s a much needed breath of fresh air showing that P.O.S. is way more than some dark drumrolls and lyricism focused on societal introspection.

 We Don’t Even Live Here is a step in a new direction for P.O.S. He’s keeping one foot firmly rooted in his foundation while experimenting with new concepts, and he’s damn successful at doing so. It’s the tightest record he’s ever created and at the same time his most adventurous. Doomtree has always produced quality music as a collective, but records like this continue to prove that P.O.S. is the most exciting voice out of the bunch.

4 out 5

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