Stones Throw: 2013

Some rappers like to smoke, some like to drink, some like to lean, yet CX KIDTRONIK is all about that crack; butt crack that is. Five tracks on his new album, KRAK ATTACK 2: BALLAD OF ELLI SKIFF, have the word ‘krak’ in the title alone. To delve into the amount of mentions in the lyrics would be a massive waste of time. You’ll just to have to trust me, this dude is obsesses with butt cracks. Just check the album cover. This may seem juvenile and silly, which it most definitely is, but you may just find yourself highly engaged by this record.

Upon first listen, I just wanted to give every song a bath. Every single track is bursting at the seems with abrasive psychedelic DJ drops, excessive clapping of all sorts, extraneous shouting and spoken audio clips, distorted vocal effects, crack references both butt and drug, and mostly nonsensical rapping. This may not seem too far off from your everyday rap album, but the heavy influence from industrial rock and heavy metal makes for one of the strangest genre divides thinkable.

If a comparison must be made, thing 1/3 Death Grips, 1/6 Mykki Blanco, 1/6 Beastie Boys (the rock stuff), and 1/3 Dead Kennedys. But it’s best to take it all in as a new genre.

“KRAKASAURUS” may be the most listenable song on the album, which isn’t saying much. Very hyped, very scratchy sounding, very intense booty dropping type shit. This is club music to be played at a trendy sexually ambiguous punk dwelling somewhere in Flatbush. The following track “iRWiN’S NOT MERLiN”, is a synthy take on a very industrial drum and bass type track that would be ideal to edit a film to. Half punk and half manic rapping, this song essentially compresses the tone of the album to one track.

Did I mention MF DOOM and MF Grimm are featured on this album (different songs, of course). While the rest of the album is so foreign sounding when placed next to other releases this month, it is nice to have a standard that I can refer to, which is supplied when Doom takes the mic as King Geedorah on “GHIDRA GOT iT”. He raps over just-on-beat cowbell, a sample that sounds like a live DJ cut it, and whooshes and swiping effects that persist throughout the record. “GHIDRA got it, like that good cheeba cheeba/Never keep a zebra in a cage with a cheetah/He’ll eat it like a pita” and later “Average MCs get strangled til they dangle/Thanks for the rank of getting planks by the bankful.” It’s DOOM as usual, smashing rhymes and near rhymes all up next to each other for a cluttered mouthful that accurately matches the beat behind him. Shibby.

Tracks that make me want to die are “KRAK ATTACK WAR ZONE”, “YOU’RE A DUMMY” and “BALLAD OF ELLI SKIFF”. They are all way too aggressive in their respective genres, be it hip-hop, metal, hardcore, or some combination of all of them. Standouts include “A Weapon” a track that sounds like a demo from the ’90s with a fitting M.O.P.-esque verse that fits nicely over the harsh sounding beat. “THE BUDDYKRAK” is a shocking track, soley because of how tame it is compared to the others on the album.

While certainly an acquired taste, there is a remarkable amount of originality in KRAK ATTACK 2: BALLAD OF ELLI SKIFF, the kind of originality that warrants a listen, even if upon first hearing it makes you wonder who this person’s parents were and what kind of things they did to their child. And why he loves butt cracks so much…

3.5 out of 5


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  1. It’s just trendy to have an ironic “i’m not even trying” cover these days.

  2. what’s up with these album covers looking like collages? I’ve jeen Jai Paul, the Child of Lov and I bet some more have done it.

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