Com Truise – In Decay

Com Truise – In Decay
Ghostly International: 2012

When I listen to Com Truise I think of angles. I think of sharp shapes, smattered across caves in varying neon color. Com Truise, to me, is the cubism of electronic music. There is a primal technique to the way his beats and sounds are warped, cut and abruptly pasted into shape. It’s a Pablo Picasso painting in ‘80s fashion. Com Truise is Jersey-based producer, Seth Haley. In 2011 he released his first full-length LP, Galactic Melt. It set a benchmark for synth production in 2011. This year Tom Cruise has taken the dust bunnies left over on the production room linoleum and stitched them together to form In Decay, and still, he rivals most producers.  

You might notice differences between In Decay and Galactic Melt.  There was an ominous overtone to Galactic Melt that is not present on In Decay. The variety, in general, has been scaled back. Beats have more room to breath. Dilatory grooves replace pop melodies and everything moves at an altered pace, more suitable for a drunken, spinning room than a lively dance floor. It’s the after, after party mix.

The Com Truise approach to beats and melody is jazz-like. Angular beats support the melody, often synth based, as it explores more avant-garde territory. This break up the hypnotic monotony on tracks like “Controlpop” and “Klymaxx” keeps the listener interested and lost. Each track starts as a gradation of simple a melody that crawl out of massive beatscape. Both elements make their way to the forefront, becoming more and more intense, and just before the confluence of sound is too much to bear, the two streams of noise divide and return to their original states.

The truth is–a few lame tracks on In Decay would make my job a lot easier. Not many tracks stand out. But, “Open” aside , if I could only listen one track on In Decay, it would likely be “Colorvision.” The beats that open this track are prone to cause a sore neck. I like that. “Klymaxx” would likely be a close second, though. It’s the track you drive to at night in a convertible. I don’t have a convertible, but I’d consider chopping the top off my truck just to give this track a proper listen.

If you’re a fan of Com Truise, new-wave beats and driving convertibles–give this a try. Don’t run off and buy a synth and a MacBook Pro and expect to pump out tracks like these. Remember, these are the tracks Com Truise set aside for a rainy day. This is the B team and it’s still better than most A teams. I pity the fool who listens to this album and doesn’t enjoy it.

3 out of 5

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