Album Review: Warpaint – The Fool

Warpaint – The Fool
Rough Trade: 2010

I had the opportunity to see Warpaint relatively recently and for whatever reason, it didn’t end up happening.  Reviews eventually trickled through my Twitter feed, and the L.A.-based quartet was quickly reduced to a one word synopsis: “Borepaint”.

But in this context of typical cynical hipsterdom, I’ll tell you that The Fool is anything but dull.  The full-length debut from the all-female foursome (released Oct. 25 on Rough Trade) is a seductive and hypnotic album.  In the capable hands of producer Tom Biller, the songs sway as the three vocalists weave harmonic grooves, resulting in a Fleetwood Mac meets Portishead modern day amalgamation of slinky psychedelia.

“Undertow” is a standout, but there isn’t a low point on the record.  The songs slide easily into one another, with each track offering colorful riffs and grooves.  More so than their debut EP Exquisite Corpse, the numbers here are fully fleshed out and wash over the listener in beautiful alt-pop.  The teetering “Shadows” and the lamenting, lethal “Baby” are two steady gems.

And I still can’t speak to their live show – and likely won’t for some time. But for those across the Atlantic, they are currently touring Europe. With their debut album, Warpaint has made an emphatic preemptive strike.

3.5 out of 5

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