Album Review: The Scribblenauts – Low Light Turbulence

The Scribblenauts – Low Light Turbulence
Self-released: 2010

Redlist, H.W., and DJ Emoh all hail from the great land that birthed folks like Guru, Mr. Lif and many other talented folks.  The place spoken of is Boston, and since they joined forces to form as The Scribblenauts, they have delivered two very solid and consistent efforts.  However on their third effort, Low Light Turbulence, it echoes in the same vibrance and guttural sounds that emerged once from a place in New York called Shaolin.  However those same sounds are mixed with Redlist and H.W.’s tales of the downtrodden and the desolate, and it makes Low Light Turbulence a great winter soundtrack.

The drums are plodding and the soundscapes are harmonic, yet menacing.  You can hear it in the haunting harpsichords of “Persuasions”, while “You Never Met Me” serves as a perfect introduction when the quiet yet present horns emerge.  Violins seep in creepily on “Harder To Be”, where you get to know the three heads that joined forces, ruminating on life and its respective worries, as well as recollections of a dark city, which helps make the backdrops present all the more urgent and pressing.  Dark pianos and violins all join in on “Decompression,”  however “Black Mirrors” brings in whimsical acoustic guitars and xylophones, which makes for the albums highlight.  You can credit Redlist with providing the apocalyptic sounds, sounding like an apprentice of The RZA, which is never a bad thing.
Redlist and H.W. are the prominent lyricists on this record, and for the most part they are more than capable of holding their own.  Sometimes they try to squeeze every drop out of their lines, which definitely provides more insight into their lives, however there are times such as “You Never Met Me” and “Let Me Down *97” where sometimes it hinders the overall message.  However, Turbulence doesn’t need to stick within margins, as seen in another highlight “Devil’s Solitude”, where you get to peer into the lives of Redlist and H.W., you get to the conclusion that they do music as a labor of love and an outlet for when they’re feeling isolated from the rest of the world.
Once you’ve been through all 10 tracks, in 36 minutes you get to hear a lot about the Scribblenauts insight into the world they’re in.  It’s definitely a darker time, sometimes creeping into the apocalypse, but overall faithful that they’ve chosen to succeed somewhere where their friends haven’t chosen to venture. “I’m not a fallen pawn, just another song maker that you’re sleeping on,” as they state in “Devils Solitude”.  Well sleep no more.  This may be an underworld you want to venture.
3.5 out of 5

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