Album Review: The Kickdrums – There Might Be Blood EP (2009)

the_kickdrums_there_might_be_blood_epAlbum Review: The Kickdrums – There Might Be Blood (2009)
Rating: 4 out of 5 Potholes

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The Kickdrums should by now be a familiar name to many heads out there. They are a fantastic production duo, known for their popular remixes of many hit hip-hop songs. Earlier this summer, they dropped a full-length album, Just A Game, which generated a lot  of buzz for its unique approach and departure from traditional hip-hop (in fact it might not even be classified as hip-hop at all). Regardless, it was good music, coming from musicians who were pushing boundaries.

Their newest project, the seven track There Might Be Blood EP to be released along with URB magazine on the October 31, is once again a departure from traditional hip-hop. In a similar format to their last album, both members, Alex and Matt, produce their tracks, while Alex handles the vocals. However, unlike their last album, which was more rooted in electronic/pop, There Might Be Blood takes more of a hard rock approach.

As with the majority of albums that test the boundaries of genres, there is actually quite a mashup of various musical influences apparent here. The central focus of this album is the instrumentation, which is driven by distorted, pounding guitars, and snappy drum beats (some of which draw from hip-hop boom bap style, some of which disregard that style entirely) from start to finish; it’s really got quite a few neck-breakers. In typical Kickdrums style, there is also particular emphasis on the electronic aspect of the album, throwing in electronic basslines and synths on various tracks.

What works particularly well for this album is its pacing. The tracks are generally short; everything stays under four minutes with the majority of songs clocking in under three. Each track has something to offer as well. While the sound is very concentrated, the melodies, which are for the most part exceptional and catchy, give each track added personality and character. There is also clever vocal work implemented through well-placed chants.

For those who enjoyed previous work from The Kickdrums, or those looking for an alternative to pure hip-hop, There Might Be Blood is an accessible yet progressive project sure to entertain.rating-four2

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