The Cool Kids – Gone Fishing

The Cool Kids – Gone Fishing (2009)
Self-released: 2009

The Cool Kids are back, and they are here to jump on your couch. Coming off of the critically acclaimed and not-too-shabby selling The Bake Sale EP, the Chicago/Detroit duo return with the help of Don Cannon (the- the- the Cannon!) for a mixtape that plays out more like a full length album. Gone Fishing isn’t Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks spittin’ over any Weezy or Flo Rida instrumentals, for this tape Chuck Inglish drops us with almost all new original compositions dripping of a signature sound that not only stays true to the old-school vibe Cool Kid fans have become accustomed to, but with some inspiration from Don Cannon (the- the- the Cannon!), shows impressive progression that raises the bar for what we will be expecting from their first full length studio release later this year.

Mikey Rocks kicks off the fishing trip on “Introduction to Ice Fishing” proclaiming “I was the dude in school, didn’t play sports but was still poppin’ all the cheerleaders”. Chuck comes in halfway through and finishes his verse lettings us know and “album full of piff” is on its way. Don Cannon (the- the- the Cannon!) helps Chuck behind the boards for “Champions”, a sound as triumphant as we’ve heard so far from The Cool Kids. Pianos and fuzz add flavor and energy to Chuck’s normal sound while the duo trades bars in a championship winning chorus. “Cinnamon” is an ode to the ladies who can “roll cigarillos better than most fellas” and “Jump Rope” is easily a guilty pleasure featuring radio-ready hook. Chuck Inglish undoubtedly steps up his production skills on this one. The as expected bass-heavy, throwback beats are added a little bit of eclectic flavor, and to join the music Chuck and Mikey both step it up on the mic. Tracks like “The Light Company” and “Popcorn” are already heading to the top of my favorite Cool Kid tracks

Surprise of the day goes to the “Pennies (Remix)”. A song that prior to listening to the mixtape appeared to be one of the first songs I would be skipping due to the heavy play already this past year ended up giving me a “holy shit!” moment after the beat cuts out and the out-of-nowhere feature Ludacris shouts “Luda” and lets us all know the only way to get a free verse is if you are God or have a Cool Kid on your track. And oh, by the way, Luda is followed up by another southern shocker, Bun B.

The mixtape is everything you would expect from The Cool Kids. Drums with enough bass to find you stepping up your car system game and throwback, feel good lyrics about the flyest kicks and freshest gear. A two week session with Don Cannon (the- the- the Cannon!) results in a release that stays true to their sound while more than likely adding a flock of new listeners. Mark my words, 2009 will be a big year for The Cool Kids.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. 3.5 really ? i’d give it atleast a 4..

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