Tabi Bonney – Fresh

Tabi Bonney – Fresh
Sky Republic: 2010

Washington D.C. native Tabi Bonney’s star was lit some years ago with his breakout smash “Put Me In The Pocket” – perhaps the D.C. area’s most recognized hit track since Nonchalant “5’oclock In The Morning”. However, Tabi’s appeal has gone global with the rapper and entrepreneur traipsing the globe with performances in China of all places. The well-traveled Florida A&M University grad flexes this frequent flier muscles often on the slickly produced and more than mildly entertaining third album Fresh.

The album begins with “Make A Killin” and the simple, bouncy track works well with Tabi’s effect-laden rhymes. The boasting lyrics aren’t mind-blowing but effective nonetheless; Pusha T’s feature offers welcome lyrical weight and is an enhancement. “Get Me” grabs the ear immediately with its spacey, catchy production. Tabi’s cool confidence is on display and with the infectious hook this track could be a single easily. “Radio” featuring the talents of Curren$y, is an annoying attempt at a radio- friendly song. Amazingly enough, Curren$y sounds comfortable on this noisy and busy
track. Tabi’s verses are forgettable on this early snag in the LP.

“Killer People” gets things back on track and features fellow hometown favorite Wale. The track offers an epic backdrop for the wordsmiths, and they don’t disappoint. As large as the track is, the MCs are never outshined and Wale’s verse is a blistering reminder of his formidable ability. The nonsensical hook works but the track itself propels the song overall. “Sunlight” is another strong track from Tabi and the production on the track is nothing short of stellar. Tabi’s inspirational lyrics are effective and his smooth crooning hook neatly ties the song together. “Like A King” is another  amazing track featuring Wale and the versatile Kokayi. The island-influenced groove is head nod inspiring and Kokayi’s vocals throughout the song and on the hook are strong; Wale’s verse is another strong offering from the hometown hero.

Tabi Bonney’s good ear for beats and his ability to craft catchy, radio and club friendly hooks help sell his latest piece. While Tabi lacks lyrical potency, he more than makes up for his deficiency of word wizardry with a heavy emphasis on songwriting and performance. They say the third time’s a charm and Tabi Bonney certainly exudes tons of that said charm on his latest.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Didn’t this album come out via iHipHop Distribution? The same people that did Wiz’s “Deal Or No Deal?”

  2. Chelle Katt|

    This album is siiiick. My favorite is slackers farewell with haziq ali. The beats are all crazy the songs are just what me and my girls is on etc etc lol at Thomas

  3. I was extremely disappointed in this album. Lyrics lacked any punch and the production was heavy synth pop type stuff that gets play on the radio; but not as good as radio songs.

    The guest can’t save this album.

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