Album Review: Shlohmo – Camping EP

Shlohmo – Camping EP
FoF Music: 2010

With the city of angels continuing to churn out some of the finest in groundbreaking electronic music, there just has to be something in that Los Angeles water. Daedelus has been going strong for almost a decade now. Flying Lotus is fresh off of his sophomore stunner, Cosmogramma. Younger artists Nosaj Thing and Baths have helped shape the eccentric glitch-hop genre. Amidst the overwhelming L.A. talent stands 20-year-old Henry Loofer, also known as Shlohmo. For someone so young to be making such thick pieces as heard on Camping EP is astonishing, though I remain skeptical as to whether there’s enough separation for Shlohmo to ever be the talk of the town.

“Naps” luxuriates in the early AM hours. The atmosphere covers all night owls, beginning upstairs with the pensive bedroomers before reaching the energetic basement bunch. Even with the transition, the pulse of the track holds it together. “Birthday Beat” begins with flimsy keys before introducing multiple layers of dreamlike wind chime keys. Save me the tiresome end pieces of “Tomato Smash” with their emphasis on banal vocals. The meat of the sandwich is where the nutrients are; an explosion of heavy Tobacco-esque synth. The first layer of “Sippy Cup” is an interesting piece which sounds like a beautiful chord from an Inuit throat singing track. Shlohmo achieves complexity in his sound while keeping with a very simple structure that makes for an easily distinguishable beginning, middle, and end. The final three tracks are remixes by neighbor Baths, Brooklyn resident Shigeto, and France-based Asura. These few songs branch off of Shlohmo’s sound very well, grasping the fundamentals of each tune while providing their personal flavors. Hats off to the stand out “Teeth” remix by Asura which provides left field firepower for Camping to close out on.

This extended play is quick and to-the-point, proving that Shlohmo is capable and worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the acclaimed artists in his district. Camping leaves me keeping a close eye on Henry, who will surely continue to grow. Though it’ll take some more material before I start bringing him up at the beginning of sentences. Postscript for now, hopefully icebreaker in a couple of years.

3 out of 5
[audio:|titles=Shlohmo – Teeth (Asura Remix)]

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