Album Review: Lazer Sword – Lazer Sword

Lazer Sword – Lazer Sword
Innovative Leisure: 2010

San Francisco beat makers Lando Kal and Low Limit have been known by neon headbangers and progressive electronic lovers ever since their glitch-glide mixes “Gucci Sweatshirt” and “Koopa Boss Mode” hit YouTube and happy subwoofers the club scene over.  The U-G dance videos for “Gucci Sweatshirt” sharpened the Lazer Sword buzz in 2008, but the duo continued to drop mixtapes and remixes until moving in on the creation of their gloriously grimy and retro-robotic debut LP, Lazer Sword.  The album infuses a future-freakbeat aesthetic a la Flying Lotus with deliciously indulgent hyphy raps, sci-fi bleeps that maneuver like flying saucers invading a dystopian dance party, and a dirty, lurching bass line that petitions the pounding pulse of London 2-step.

Opening track “Tar” builds like a switchboard preparing for vertical liftoff and beams into a hip-grinding beat littered with vocal haunts that would make any Justice fan swoon.  “Surf News” is an early standout that churns liquid dark digital sounds with a blaxploitation baritone loop asking, “Your mama’s going on a date, can you dig that?”  The otherworldly blips and visceral bass grind forth like an undiscovered Massive Attack B-side into the hedonistic glitchgasm, “I’m Gone”.  San Francisco hyphy rapper Turf Talk drops his bombastic flow over a hook snarling the lines, “Pass me that Petron/I’m in the fucking zone/I’m on my spaceship” while a wonky synth grinds with bicycle bells and bass that demands a collective dance floor mind-melt.

Every track brings its own madness to the meteor shower of trance-inducing beats, experimental glitch sequences, wonky gamma rays (“4LOKO”, ya’ll) and raucous raps that comprise Lazer Sword.  In a tribe both convoluted with imitators and established with irrefutable leaders like Daft Punk, Justice, and Fly Lo, Lazer Sword vibes forth with an LP that proclaims: “Future blap is here to stay.  Get the fuck out of my way.”  I surrender.

Grab the album on iTunes and see the video for the album’s road-weary robot lament, “BEAST’S REPRISE”. xo

4.5 out of 5

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