Album Review: Intuition & VerBS – Buzz (2009)

intuitionverbsAlbum Review: Intuition & VerBS – Buzz (2009)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Potholes

West coast emcees Intuition and VerBS (pronounced Ver-bee-ess) join together for 2009’s Buzz, an upbeat, fun-loving (what else would you expect from west coast rappers?) six-track EP. After a full listen through the album the most striking element is the production. The production, playing with twisted samples and electronic keys, is at times sparse and a bit off-center, and is also very good, but not fantastic. Instead, the production is striking because over the course of six tracks, five different producers (Alpha MC, Fud, Aspect 1, Equalibrum, and Dibiase) trade spots, yet there is remarkable cohesiveness from track to track. Granted it is no outrageous claim to say that a six track EP is tightly composed, but more than the usual EP, Buzz is very tightly composed.

That said, the production lays the groundwork here for Intuition and VerBS to share their stream-of-thought rhymes. The album unfolds as a comical, thoroughly carefree peek into the lives of the two emcees. Even through less than desirable circumstances, they seem to carry an ‘everything-will-be-alright’ attitude. This is clear from the outset as VerBS raps “I’m a beast on mics, I got evicted but now I got a lease on life” on the opening track, “Hip No Ties”. On “What You Make It” they further delve into their life philosophy, which like the rest of the album, oozes optimism: “I try to keep my head up, keep my weary nose down.”

If there is any downfall here on Buzz, it is in the simplicity, a side effect of their laidback personas, they can at times come across a bit too ambivalent. However, the sense of ease does outweigh the sense of lethargy in the end. And so the album goes – we share their highs and lows, their loves and losses – all the while with a smile on our faces. If this isn’t the kind of album that can uplift you on a sad day, you may need to check your pulse.

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